When Negotiations Go Wrong: The ISIS Hostages

May 31, 2023 | People, Political, Videos

In war-torn Syria, journalists and aid workers thought they were safe until they were suddenly kidnapped by ISIS. The abductions of John Cantlie and James Foley were only the beginning of a series of hostage-takings that shook the foundations of foreign policy. As a result of media blackouts and obscured truths surrounding the kidnappings, many others unwittingly ventured into hostile territory, only to become victims of unfathomable crimes.
How did it happen? How did truths become obscured, leading to negotiations and rescue missions that ended horribly wrong? End of Truth is an emotionally powerful documentary that investigates the political and criminal enterprise of kidnappings by ISIS. By intercutting exclusive footage and intimate interviews with negotiators, investigators, fixers, and even a used car salesman, viewers will watch as lies are revealed, leading to the terrible consequences of misinformation when lives are at stake. Join us on a journey to understand the horrors of kidnappings from those who’ve been through it firsthand.

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David B