When love knows no bounds

Aug 21, 2023 | Love, Social, Videos

In today’s world, where hate and intolerance dominate society, Samah Al-Jundi and Klaus Werner Pfaff’s story is more than just a love story. It’s a tale of two people from opposite backgrounds, who fought for their love against all odds. Samah, a brave Syrian refugee, and Klaus, a German pensioner, fell in love in their 50s after both getting divorced. But, unfortunately, not everyone accepted their unusual relationship. Samah’s Muslim family objected to the fact that she was marrying a Christian. She refused to back down, and with Klaus by her side, they embarked on a unique journey.
Despite facing huge cultural differences, language barriers, and dealing with Samah’s displacement from her family and country, the couple has persisted. In this touching documentary, we follow Samah and Klaus’s unusual journey, from falling in love in a refugee camp to seeking acceptance from society. Their love story goes beyond race, religion, and age, challenging the very fabric of society. At a time when the world seems more divided than ever, Samah and Klaus’s story serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that love is limitless and can overcome all obstacles.

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David B