What HE DID to her ENRAGED me | Zuzu Verk case

Jul 10, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Zuzu Verk’s mysterious disappearance from West Texas on October 12, 2016 has left family and friends searching for answers ever since. Now, a true crime documentary is delving into the case to shed some light on what really happened to her.

The documentary follows Zuzu’s story of what happened that fateful day and examines the evidence surrounding her disappearance. It looks at all angles of the case including the possibility that her boyfriend Robert Fabian may have known more than he was saying. Through interviews with family, friends and people close to the case, as well as experts in true crime investigations, viewers will get an inside look at what could have possibly happened to Zuzu Verk.

For fans of true crime documentaries, this case should not be missed! Every Friday and Sunday we release a new episode full of shocking twists and turns that help unravel one of West Texas’ greatest unsolved mysteries.

We ask that you join us in our quest for truth by tuning in each week and watching this gripping documentary series. Our thoughts are with those who knew and loved Zuzu Verk during this difficult time.

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David B