What happens when our water dries up?

Jul 1, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

As the world faces increased pressure on its freshwater supply due to the effects of a changing climate and a growing population, ecosystems are threatened, and people are increasingly competing for water. In some parts of the world, the water has already run out, leading to dire consequences for both humans and wildlife.
In Germany, streams and ponds are drying out, and forests and soils are endangered. Meanwhile, in the USA and Mexico, drought is wreaking havoc on communities that have even less water to start with. This new documentary explores these challenges, their impact on biodiversity, and how people are coping in the face of an uncertain future. Through interviews with experts and powerful visuals of affected lands and communities, this documentary highlights the urgent need for solutions and inspires action towards a more sustainable use of our most precious resource.

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David B