Welcome to the ‘Nazi village’!

May 15, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

A small German village, almost entirely inhabited by the far-right, is the unlikely venue for a yearly rock festival. In the midst of staunch neo-Nazis, Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer, an exception in this oppressive atmosphere, have organized this event for the past eight years. But, what started as a local demonstration against rising blood-and-soil ideology, has turned into a platform for tolerance and openness, uniting committed musicians like “Die Ärzte”, “Die Toten Hosen” and “Fettes Brot”, who join the Lohmeyers in their battle against racism.
The festival has not escaped the wrath of the far-right, as their barn was once burnt down by unknown assailants. Despite this, the Lohmeyers have persevered through threats and harassment, with the hope of inspiring people to take a stand against discrimination. But, will the opposition let them? Find out in this powerful and eye-opening documentary produced by German broadcasters and international production companies, supported by DW Documentary. Understand the complexities of this world, travel to distant lands, meet intriguing people, and gain a deeper understanding of global affairs. Subscribe now and explore the world of DW Documentary!

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David B