Warrior Empire: The Mughals

Jun 1, 2022 | History, Videos

‘Warrior Empire: The Mughals’ pays a tribute to the dynasty of nomadic warriors who created architectural marvels, inventive warfare, material excess and cultural augmentation making 1526 to 1858 India’s most colorful, violent, and majestic era.

They indulged their appetite for territorial expansion, spreading their rule throughout the Indian subcontinent. Though they conquered their kingdom with crushing brutality, the Mughals were also brilliant technological innovators and masters of art and architecture.

This film gives lush, detailed images of Mughal accomplishments such as the glorious Taj Mahal, palaces, forts, water systems, elaborate gardens, and richly crafted artwork.

Step-by-step scientific recreations of advanced Mughal metallurgy and weaponry show the meticulous production of chain mail armor for a battalion of elephants, lethally flexible composite bows, rocketry, and sword-smith techniques passed down through the generations, and still alive today.

They truly were the shapers of modern India.

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Riyan H.