WARNING: One of the RAREST & most ENRAGING cases I’ve EVER SEEN

Jun 25, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Kimberly Saenz’s case is so unbelievable that it has captured the attention of many, and now, her story will be revealed in a true crime documentary. This shocking case occurred at DaVita Clinic in Lufkin, Texas, and left families trying to understand how something like this could happen.

Kimberly Saenz was an employee at the DaVita Clinic. Little did anyone know that she had a sinister secret hidden away. People have long been interested to learn what went on at the clinic, and now they will get their answers. It promises to be a gripping documentary full of suspense and unexpected revelations.

To find out what exactly took place, viewers can tune in every week for two true crime documentaries. The first one airs on Friday and the second one airs on Sunday. Each episode dives deeper into the life of Kimberly Saenz uncovering her dark secrets as well as those connected to her.

If you are looking for an absorbing piece of true crime entertainment then make sure to catch these upcoming episodes! Find out everything about Kimberly Saenz’s story – from how it all started to its terrifying conclusion – only in these documentaries!

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