War on Health

Jul 14, 2022 | Health, Media, Medicine, Videos

The question you need to ask yourself is whether you should allow the government decide which foods you need to eat, and which medicines you need to use. Do you want to allow the government to decide that for you?

Whether we like to admit or not, the government has a strong voice in the matter. Gary Null, an American talk radio host and author, tries to expose the FDA, and put down the mask that the agency is actually helping the American citizens.

According to Null, who is a huge alternative medicine and naturopathy supporter, guns and gun violence kill less people than the FDA. The biggest “killer” in America is the FDA, letting people use medicine that causes addiction.

The documentary exposes some popular medicines, with reference to articles published in Time, Artnet, Newsweek and similar publications. Yet, the public does nothing. Mass apathy is a major problem in every society. What do you think, if the headlines of similar documentaries were more sensational and entertaining, would the population be interested?

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Riyan H.