Wakaliwood – action films from Uganda

Dec 3, 2023 | Media, People, Videos

He came from humble beginnings, with nothing but a dream to make his mark in the film industry, without any formal training or big budget. Isaac Nabwana transformed his slum-based movie production from a hobby to a well-known name in the industry, one action-packed film at a time.
Now, in his latest project, he seeks to push the boundaries further by embracing television production. With almost no budget again, Nabwana’s passion for filmmaking has seen him rise to a level that he would never have imagined. The journey to his first major TV production promises to be an exciting one, and fans of Nabwana’s work cannot wait to see what he will come up with this time. The remarkable part of Isaac Nabwana’s story is how he has continued to produce quality films with sheer passion and determination, evident in his countless previous works.

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David B