Visiting North Korea | DW Documentary

May 1, 2023 | People, Social, Travel, Videos

Part 1 of this gripping two-part documentary delves into the awe-inspiring building works of our Stone Age ancestors. Have you ever wondered how they were able to construct massive stone circles and burial mounds that have stood the test of time? The film takes you on a journey through history, exploring how the Stone Age marked a monumental shift from a hunter-gatherer way of life to a settled, agricultural one.

In Part 2, journey with the filmmaker to unique archaeological sites across Scotland, Brittany, Austria, Malta, Turkey and Jordan. Witness the impressive structures left behind by our ancient relatives and discover how they built them. You’ll be left in awe by the gigantic stone circles and ancient temples. With a team led by experimental archaeologist, Wolfgang Lobisser, the film takes an in-depth look into the technical challenges our ancestors likely faced as they transported 20-ton stones. Don’t miss this fascinating exploration of prehistory and how it has shaped our modern world.

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David B