Visiting Gaza Strip as a Palestinian

Jul 2, 2023 | Travel, Videos

In “The Long Way Home,” Nidal Bulbul, a naturalized German citizen born in Gaza, embarks on an emotional journey to reunite with his family in the Gaza Strip. But the road to reunion is fraught with uncertainty, as he must navigate the political hurdles of two conflicting governments.
The documentary chronicles Nidal’s journey as he leaves behind his café and comfortable life in Berlin to make his way to Gaza, where he hasn’t seen his parents and ten siblings for over four years. With a new escalation between Israel and Gaza looming, he sets out to make the dangerous journey, hoping to pass through Israel with his German passport. But will the Israeli authorities grant him passage, and will the radical Islamic Hamas government allow him entry? “The Long Way Home” explores the complexities of borders, identity, and the plight of refugees who struggle to reunite with their families.

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David B