Violence against paramedics

Oct 23, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Paramedics Marcus Müller and Tobias Filler from Offenbach, Germany have a job that requires them to be there for anyone who is injured and needs help. But what happens when they themselves become the victims? Their dream job has turned into a nightmare as they struggle to deal with the increasing violence towards paramedics on duty. The Workers’ Samaritan Federation in Offenbach has seen a rise in acts of physical abuse and verbal assaults towards their staff in recent years. Marcus and Tobias, like many other paramedics, have frequently experienced insults, been spat at, hit or even threatened with knives.
In this eye-opening documentary, viewers are provided a firsthand look into the complexities of the situation. As first responders, Marcus and Tobias are expected to provide assistance without retaliating, leaving them as easy targets for violent offenders. Leaving their job also means leaving those in need without care. The situation is dire, and it is a growing concern globally. This documentary, by Nele Dehnenkamp and accompanied by DW, explores the challenges and risks that paramedics face in today’s society.

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David B