Vincent Moon and Nana Vasconcelos: The world’s hidden music rituals

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Vincent Moon: How can we use computers,cameras, microphones to represent the worldin an alternative way,as much as possible?How, maybe, is it possible to use the Internetto create a new form of cinema?And actually, why do we record?

That is the question French filmmaker Vincent Moon asks the crowd at a TED conference. Traveling with a laptop and a camera around the world, Vincent wants to encourage people to use film and music to broaden their horizons and see their own culture in a new way.

You can do the same on your traveling as well. Ask the local people, “what is good filming here today or what is important today”? By reacting to moments, and instincts, working without any structure, you’ll get the true spirit of a city, a country, a place, the people, the nature and everything else.

When you ask a person what is good filming here, you are actually encouraging that person to think of his own culture, of his own city, country in a different way. He starts thinking what is something that people would love to see. Sometimes, it is just a bike ride between locals. Sometimes, it is something much bigger. Listen to Vincent telling his story and journey.

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