Victims of ISIS: Terror survivors share their stories

  • Published 7 years ago
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In August 2014, ISIS invaded regions near mount Sinjar in Iraq, killing and abducting thousands of local people. Many of them were women and children. ISIS later sold the women and children at slave markets.

Many people in the Arab and Muslim world believe ISIS is doing good, and they applaud their courage to stand against the Western World. But there is always two sides to every story. This side takes a look at the victims from ISIS and their terror on local population.

The woman in the video describes ISIS members as savages, not people. She mentions a day that ISIS claimed to be “day of female slaves”. During the day, ISIS members took on Yazidi girls, and raped them on more than one occasion.

One man decided to take home some of the slaves, and he is the one saving most of them. Fair warning: Watching the video will give you sense of uselessness, as there is almost nothing common people in the Western world can do to help. There are thousands of Syrian refugees, and helping them is the only way to help people from countries affected by ISIS.

The sad part is, many of the Western World won't ever see this documentary made by Russian television.

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