Van Bo: Renaissance Man of Sausalito

Sep 22, 2022 | Art, Performing Arts, Short, Videos

He is color blind on one eye, but believes he can do colors better than any other artist. He believes he is the greatest “black” painter ever.

Before he became a painter, he worked in the porn industry for 20 years. Now at 66, this is his story. His studio at the foot of Napa Street was a popular place in the city up until 2010. It was then when “art collectors” showed up and collected his work.

He was known as the “Outsider” artist living in Sausalito. He is unique in three ways, he classifies his art as new style, an “outsider art”, he says and does what he wants, and he doesn’t live an ordinary life.

While he is painting, Bo always talks philosophy (considering himself a philosopher), history and everything else in his monologue.

And he even invented a term called “Living on Bo Time”, which literally means long pauses in local life.

Fun Fact: Bo believes porn and art are the same, in the aspect that you have to have vision to be successful in either.

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Riyan H.