Vaccinating against COVID-19 in Alaska

Nov 4, 2023 | Health, Social, Videos

Nestled just eight kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, Fort Yukon in Alaska is one of the most remote villages in the world. Home to approximately 500 people, most of whom belong to the indigenous Gwich’in tribe, life here is far from easy. With the pandemic raging globally, fears over the highly contagious virus creeping into the community could not be more real.


Against this backdrop, DW reporter Oliver Sallet travels to this remote village to provide an intimate account of how the people living in this wilderness are managing the crisis. Debra McCarty, who runs the local hospital, has taken upon herself the challenging task of vaccinating the community. However, the remoteness of Fort Yukon means that some families, despite their willingness, are tough to reach. Join us on this journey as we leave the familiar behind and bring you a story of resilience, fortitude, and hope in the face of an unprecedented challenge.

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David B