Uzbekistan – The Silk Road by train

May 10, 2023 | History, People, Social, Travel, Videos

Nestled between the Gissar Mountains and the Aral Sea, Uzbekistan is a land of sandy deserts and oases, once a bustling hub of power along the Silk Road. But history tells a tale fraught with legends of conquerors and deep mysterious caves, for this is a land steeped in mythology and untold secrets.
Witness the journey of two explorers as they traverse the deepest caves in the Gissar Mountains to find out if the stories of the conqueror Timur Lenk are true. But what else awaits them as they weave through the endless sand dunes and feeble oases in search of the past? Join them as they explore the heart of Uzbekistan on a thrilling new adventure!

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David B