Using roadkill for fashion

Dec 11, 2023 | Animals, People, Social, Videos

A revolutionary designer aiming to transform the fur industry, Pamela Paquin uses an unconventional source for her fur accessories – roadkill. Through her company, Peace Fur, Paquin makes muffs, wrist cuffs, hats and more from the furs of animals found dead by the side of the road.
Paquin’s process goes beyond just creating stylish products – it is a way for her to show the world that there is no need to kill animals for their pelts. In fact, she goes to great lengths to ensure that the animal’s body is left where she found it, as a source of food for other animals. In a world where sustainability and ethics are becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry, Pamela Paquin’s approach is garnering attention and praise from insiders. Discover her fascinating story and her unique sourcing technique in the upcoming documentary about her life’s work.

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David B