US Military Police Corps – The Army Division with the Hardest Task

Dec 15, 2022 | Military/War, Videos

At one moment, a child might approach a US military police corps office for food, while in the next one, a child might approach a US military police corps officer carrying a hand grenade. That is just one of the challenges that members of the US. Military police corps face each and every day.

The Military police corps has one of the hardest tasks in the US military hierarchy, and that is providing and enhancing security in areas that were overtaken by the military. The police corps is the aftereffect that happens in military areas.

The documentary takes viewers deep inside the training and life of US military police corps officers, from their training to operate with weapons and take town suspects in non-lethal way, to their struggles and challenges.

Elsewhere, the documentary also shows the timeline and history of the police corps, as they are formed in the First World War, when USA joined the World War by declaring War on Germany and Japan. Officially, the division was established on 26 September, 1941.

The US Military police corps are also responsible for some of the biggest arrests and attacks in Vietnam.

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Riyan H.