Apr 11, 2022 | Military/War, Videos

This documentary is a part of the series that consists of seven different films. It was issued by the US government at the time of World War II with a goal to inform the American troops about the cause for their engagement in the conflict. They were also shown publicly to persuade the people to support the involvement of the US in the war.

Frank Capra directed most of these documentaries. He was inspired by Leni Riefenstahl’s documentary called ‘Triumph’, and Capra`s videos are regarded as a response to the ‘Triumph’. Capra had a difficult task ahead if he wanted to convince his fellow countrymen of the importance of the US and the need for involvement in this war.

The materials which Capra used in his documentaries were composed of a number of propaganda videos made by the Axis, which were carefully edited and given a different context so that they could promote the causes of the Allies.

Most of these materials were edited by William Hornbeck, while other scenes were re-enactments which were orchestrated by the US War Department. The map animations in these documentaries were done by the Disney studios where the territory occupied by the Axis was portrayed in black.

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Riyan H.