Urban Guerrillas: The Tupamaros of Venezuela

Sep 27, 2023 | People, Videos

The award-winning film follows the captivating journey of Alberto “Chino” Carias, a notorious leader of a vigilante “colectivo” from the slums of Caracas, Venezuela. He was once accused of robbing banks and killing cops, but Chino later forsakes his outlaw legacy and takes a post in Hugo Chavez’s government. However, the death of Chavez and Venezuela’s subsequent economic collapse leave the country grappling with instability. During this time of unrest and lack of true law and order, Chino upholds his ambiguous roles of being a saint and executioner.
Through Chino’s life, viewers are offered an intimate glimpse of the complexities and contradictions of Venezuelan society. The documentary offers a thought-provoking critique of vigilantism, government corruption, and the struggle for power amidst a society in turmoil. Chino’s story serves as a haunting reminder of the lengths some will go to preserve honor, security, and order.

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David B