Upstate Purgatory – Albany County Jail Documentary

Oct 12, 2022 | Crime, Justice, Videos

Albany Country Jail in upstate New York is one of the jails in the state of New York. Built in 1931, it can house up to 1,100 inmates, men and women. Currently, more than 600 inmates are held in the prison.

But the conditions are not that great. Just recently, the jail was under investigation after police found out that inmates and one office were smuggling in contraband. The three month investigation was conducted by the Sheriff.

Some of the biggest criminals in the state of New York are held in Albany Country Jail. Some stay there for years, others leave shortly after imprisonment. Inmates can play basketball and exercise for one hour per day.

But the jail is also host for the Special Housing Unit. This is the place where inmates violating prison rules go. The Upstate Purgatory investigates the conditions in which inmates live in the prison they call “living hell.

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Riyan H.