Unsinkable Ship | Building Demolition | BlowDown | S02 E02

Aug 12, 2023 | Technology, Videos

A team of experienced demolition experts is tasked with a monumental challenge – scuttling a 17,000-ton former spy ship, the Hoyt S. Vandenberg. But there’s a twist – they must turn this ship into the second-largest artificial reef in the world.
In this fascinating documentary, you’ll witness a never-before-seen mission as Controlled Demolition Incorporated works closely with a marine salvage crew to accomplish this historic feat. Using a new and innovative explosives system, they will first have to cut almost 500 holes in the hull of the Vandenberg using torches above the water line and high explosives below.
But the challenge is formidable, since the ship’s electrical and navigational systems are no longer functional. Will this dead ship be given a new lease of life, or will the mission lead to an underwater disaster?
Watch as the experienced demo team use their vast expertise to turn the Vandenberg into an artificial reef, complete with a delightful ecosystem of fish and other marine life.
This exciting documentary is a must-see for anyone who is interested in engineering or marine life. Don’t miss out on this epic tale – watch “Unsinkable Ship Demolition” and experience this breathtaking event for yourself.

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David B