Undercover Mosque

Oct 18, 2022 | Religion, Videos

The British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently described tolerance as’ what makes Britain Britain, but extensive research in this office reveals how a message of hatred and segregation spread across the UK and examines how is influenced by the religious establishment of Saudi Arabia.

Dispatches has investigated a number of mosques run by high profile national organizations that claim to be dedicated to moderation and dialogue with other religions. However, an undercover reporter joined the faithful to find a message of religious intolerance and extremism being preached.

He captures chilling sermons in which Saudi-trained preachers proclaim the supremacy of Islam, preach hatred of non Muslims and Muslims who do not follow their extreme beliefs – and predict a coming jihad. “An army of Muslims will arise,” announces one preacher. Another preacher said British Muslims must “dismantle” British democracy – “. Strong enough to take care of” should “live like a state within a state” until Research reveals Saudi universities are recruiting young Western Muslims to train them in their extreme theology, then sends them back to the West to spread the word. Dispatches reporter discovers And that British Muslims can ask for fatwas, religious rulings, direct from the top religious leader of Saudi Arabia, the Grand Mufti.

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Riyan H.