UK’s Worst Modern Disaster: Grenfell Tower | What Went Wrong

Dec 9, 2023 | Disaster, Videos

The Grenfell Tower disaster of 2017 stands as one of the UK’s most devastating modern tragedies, with 72 people losing their lives in an inferno that quickly consumed and destroyed the building. This tragedy has been investigated in a public inquiry, and attention is beginning to focus on the highly combustible material that was used in the cladding and how this could have been a major cause for the fire’s rapid spread. However, beyond just this technical detail lies a much larger story that deals with decades of housing issues and economic disparities which provide a backdrop to this tragedy.

An upcoming documentary seeks to investigate these underlying issues while also delving into the dramatic events that occurred on the night of the fire. Through interviews with those directly affected by the tragedy, viewers will gain insight into not only what went wrong at Grenfell Tower but also what we can learn from it as a society. We will hear stories of personal suffering and resilience while being shown how negligence can have dire consequences if not addressed appropriately.

This documentary is sure to be an eye-opening experience for everyone who watches it, giving us all an opportunity to reflect on our own responsibilities when it comes to protecting the safety of those living in our communities. We must remember that we are all responsible for looking after each other, and this documentary serves as an important reminder about what can happen if we fail in our collective duties. So please watch this documentary and together let us learn from Grenfell Tower’s lessons so another similar event never happens again.

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David B