Ukraine: Keeping the Trains Running

Aug 30, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

As the sun rises over Lviv station, a convoy of trains begins to make its way slowly towards Kiev. At the controls of this powerful locomotive is Evgeni, an experienced train driver who has been thrust into the forefront of the conflict. Alongside him in the carriages are volunteer fighters and men going off to fight.

Evgeni’s journey is both exciting and terrifying; every day brings new challenges and responsibilities for which he is ill-prepared. Despite this, he carries out his tasks with incredible courage and dedication, facing danger with an unshakeable spirit. With every kilometre he travels to get closer to Kiev, he gains more and more confidence in his ability to face what lies ahead.

This incredible story of courage in the face of adversity is now told in a captivating new documentary. The film follows Evgeni as he lives on the de facto front line, through visible and invisible dangers. It highlights an aspect of war that is rarely talked about – one that reveals how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things when faced with extraordinary circumstances.

We invite you to join us for a revealing look at one man’s courageous journey through war. Through interviews with Evgeni himself and those around him at Lviv station, we discover what it takes to be a hero in times of conflict – even when you’re not brandishing a weapon. We hope you come away from our documentary inspired by Evgeni’s strength and bravery in these difficult times, and encouraged by what can be achieved when we all work together for something bigger than ourselves.

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David B