Two little towns near Amsterdam – A Bike Ride

Jul 26, 2022 | Nature, Travel, Videos

When people think of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is usually the first city to come to mind. And Amsterdam is a great city. But rarely few tourists and visitors decide to widen their range, and go outside Amsterdam.

Here is a thought, why don’t try and discover the cities near Amsterdam. For example, small cities like Abcoude and Weesp? They are not as populated as Amsterdam, with 9 and 18 thousand citizens accordingly, but they offer peace, quiet and beautiful nature.

Sven Erik Golden, a Dutch citizen, has decided to show people what they are missing if they are focusing solely on Amsterdam on their trip. A bike ride through the two cities reveals the full beauty of the small and spirit enriching cities. Enjoy, and you might think about expanding your trip.

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Riyan H.