Twisted Spiritual Healer Dissects Vulnerable Widow & Keeps Remains For 2 Weeks – Deborah Chong Case

Jul 30, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Deborah Chong was a beloved member of her church community. A devout Christian, she relied on worship and her faith to get her through hard times, as many people do. Unfortunately, Deborah’s mental health had been declining as she got older. At a time when she felt most vulnerable, she found a new friend in Jemma Mitchell.

The two women had very different backgrounds – Deborah had plenty of money while Jemma was struggling to make ends meet after making some bad financial decisions. Despite the distance between them in terms of their finances, the two formed an unlikely bond through their conversations about money and life.

This story is documented in the documentary ‘Deborah Chong and Jemma Mitchell: Old Friends’ which follows the unique journey of these two women from different backgrounds coming together in one unlikely friendship. ‘Old Friends’ captures every part of Deborah and Jemma’s story — from their first meeting to their last goodbye — and gives viewers an intimate insight into how their unlikely relationship blossomed over time.

At its heart, ‘Old Friends’ is a story about strength, resilience, and friendship – traits we can all learn from regardless of our own circumstances or backgrounds. This documentary is not only an inspiring reminder that friendship can form anywhere but also serves as an important reminder that none of us should have to face life’s hardships alone. So if you’re looking for something that will warm your heart this season, make sure to watch ‘Old Friends’. You won’t be disappointed!

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David B