Twilight of the Masters – Trailer for Web

Aug 19, 2022 | Lifestyle, Personal Triumphs, Videos

The end of a career is always a hard point in the life of an individual. Once you are nearing towards the end of a career you’ve put your work, life, dedication and sweat into for more than 20 years, you are beginning to ask yourself “what is next?”

That was the idea behind the short documentary “Twilight of the Masters”. The documentary follows three dedicated craftsmen, offering a unique portrait of their life, work and their next step.

Will they pass the craft to the next generation? How can they achieve that? What about their legacy? What can they do?

Featuring Warren Mackenzie, a legendary potter from Minnesota, Kazuo Myojin, a knife and samurai sword master from Japan and David Stewart from Scotland, a malt-master in the whisky industry, the movie offers a unique viewing experience to the life of legendary people.

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Riyan H.