Turning junk heaps into vintage beauties

Oct 31, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In rural Swabia, two brothers share a passion for transforming dilapidated cars into high-priced vintage beauties. Meet Ivan and Zoran, auto-mechanics by profession and vintage car enthusiasts by heart. Their search for unique cars brought them to Croatia, their mother’s native land, where many old Fiats and Opels have obtained antique status.
These brothers have found their calling, but it’s not an easy one. Most of the cars they are looking for are difficult to find, with few on offer in Germany’s junkyards. In their most recent adventure, the brothers have their sights set on an Opel Kadett in Croatia. Can they bring it safely back to Germany and restore it to its former glory in time for the next vintage car fair? A new documentary by Almut Röhrl takes us on this thrilling journey filled with dedication and passion for the art of vintage car restoration.

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David B