Turkish fashion: From hijabs to streetwear

Aug 24, 2023 | Culture, People, Social, Videos

Istanbul–the vibrant metropolis on the Bosphorus–is fast becoming a fashion hotspot, competing with London, Paris, and New York. The exciting scene is proof that Turkish fashion is not only cool and unique but also sustainable. The scene is increasingly moving into the international spotlight, with Turkish labels storming catwalks around the world with their uniquely creative and experimental style.
In this documentary, discover the diverse and innovative young design scene of Istanbul’s Fashion Week. From haute couture collections rooted in traditional textile craftsmanship to streetwear sensations that spread via social media, Turkish fashion is making a name for itself in various categories. The documentary will offer insight into how conservation and fashion production can go hand in hand as designers focus on sustainability practices. That’s why designers are reengineering materials like vegan leather, which is made from bacteria while keeping traditional materials intact. “Arts.21” presents the most innovative Turkish designers’ stories and the exciting features of a rapidly growing fashion scene that has a lot to offer to the world.

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David B