Trump: Let’s Tweet Again

Sep 11, 2023 | People, Political, Social, Videos

The United States has long been the leader in global affairs, and it has employed diplomacy as a tool to protect its interests in the world. But with the election of Donald Trump as President, there has been an unexpected shift in how diplomacy is conducted. Trump’s use of Twitter to communicate his messages swiftly and directly to other world leaders, without the usual diplomatic channels or careful consideration for diplomatic protocol, has disrupted traditional diplomacy and created a new challenge to peace and stability around the world.

The recent documentary “Rocketman: Kim Jong-un and The Path To Power” sheds some light on this delicate situation. By offering an inside look into the life and mind of North Korea’s supreme leader, it helps us understand why he behaves so provocatively towards the United States.

For instance, we can see that Kim Jong-un is motivated not only by ambition but also by fear—fear of being overthrown or undermined by hostile foreign forces. This fear drives him to acquire nuclear weapons and take every opportunity he can find to demonstrate North Korean power over the United States. As one ex-diplomat says in the film, “It’s like playing poker with someone who’s always raising—you don’t know what they have in their hand until you call their bluff.”

This kind of brinkmanship puts us all at risk; if one wrong move is made on either side, it could spark a catastrophic war that would have devastating consequences for everyone involved. With tensions running high between North Korea and the United States, now more than ever we need insight into what each side is thinking so that we can make informed decisions about how best to proceed.

Watching this documentary will give you a better understanding of both sides of this complex issue, why they are behaving as they are, and how their actions might affect our future. It provides valuable insight into how diplomatic relations are conducted today on a global scale–and how easy it is for things to quickly escalate out of control. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn more about this important topic; watch “Rocketman: Kim Jong-un and The Path To Power” now!

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David B