Tribute to Umberto Eco - Interview about the Prague Cemetery

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Umberto Eco, one of the greatest minds in the literature world died at the age of 84 on 19 February. The world will always remember the great author who cracked the literature world with the novels “The name of the Rose” in 1983 and Foucault’ Pendulum in 1989.

Since then, Eco published five more books, the latest in 2015. In this interview, however, Eco talks about his sixth novel, the Prague Cemetery, a book Eco describes as a pseudo-reconstruction of the 19th century in Europe.

In the book, Eco tries to get deep into Jesuit plots, the unification of Italy, ,the Paris Commune, the Dreyfus Affair and the Elders of Zion.

Doing the interview is Paul Holdengräber, a reporter who has also interviewed Bill Clinton, but Spike Lee and Jay-Z as well.

Some of the topics that the interview covers are “writing fiction about real”, one of the favorite aspects and crucial element in Eco’s writing.

Eco explains why he loves and how he writes about conspiracies, are they real, how the average Joe connects with conspiracies, and what is so appealing in them.

Speaking of his sixth novel, the Prague Cemetery, the book was under heavy criticism when published by Vatican-backed newspaper, “the Osseervatore Romano” and the Chief Rabbi of Rome.

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