Treated Like Criminals: How the US School System Punishes Children and Teens

Sep 5, 2023 | Crime, People, Videos

For years, schools across the USA have been deploying the police to maintain discipline on school grounds. But at what cost? In a misguided attempt to prevent school shootings, police forces have been criminalizing normal childhood behaviour. Children as young as five are being handcuffed, arrested, and incarcerated on a routine basis. Their records are forever tarnished, and their future prospects are significantly diminished.
The newly released documentary takes an uncompromising look at the realities of the ‘zero tolerance’ policy that has transformed American schools into a pipeline to prisons. The movie is a hard-hitting exposé of the repercussions of excessive policing on school children. Beginning with documented cases of police abuse against minors and ending with inspiring stories of parents, educators, and advocates challenging the system, the film delivers a compelling account of the struggle to keep children safe and free from the unjust criminal justice system.”

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David B