Travels in Israel – Mediterranean journey

Aug 3, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, Social, Travel, Videos

From country to country, journalist Sineb El Masrar and presenter Jaafar Abdul Karim embarked on an epic journey to explore the stories of Jews, Muslims and Christians living together. Their two-year journey led them to ten countries, one of which is Israel. From fascinating gardens to sparkling coastlines, the team discovers the country’s physical beauty while diving deep into its culture and history.*
In Tel Aviv, Sineb visits a synagogue to meet cantor Romina Reisin, who is one of the few women chosen for the role. In Haifa, Sineb learns about the reformist Ahmadiyya community from Imam Muhammad Sharif Odeh, who shares his thoughts on peaceful coexistence between Jews and Muslims. The journey isn’t all about religion either. Uri Jeremias taking ownership of a 1,500-year-old palace-turned-hotel and Boris Libermann, the head of engineering of one of the country’s largest desalination plants, are among those Sineb and Jaafar met to discover the country’s true essence.*

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David B