Transylvania’s Gábor – between tradition and modernity

May 9, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In the heart of the Romanian village of Karácsonyfalva, a tight-knit community lives on, upholding values and rituals that have persevered for over five centuries. The Gábor Roma, a group of roughly a thousand people, maintain their traditional way of life with absolute devotion, even as the world around them rapidly globalizes. Through an unflinching gaze, this upcoming documentary offers a thrilling glimpse into their vibrant, yet insular world.
Despite pervasive stereotypes and often-inaccurate portrayals in popular media, the Gábor are a proud, noble people with their own distinct laws and system of governance. Through a series of interviews with community leaders and intimate, behind-the-scenes footage, the documentary offers an engaging portrait of this little-known community. From the complex interplay between gender and education to the colorful, time-honored wedding festivities, the fascinating lives of the Gábor will leave viewers entranced with newfound admiration for this intriguing group of people.

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David B