Transgender in Pakistan

Apr 25, 2023 | People, Videos

Third Person is a staggering documentary that illuminates the plight of trans people living in Pakistan. Follow Sunny, a trans individual who begs to survive, along with other members of her community as they grapple with poverty, societal rejection, and oppression. Expert for transgender issues at the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Reem Sharif, provides a glimmer of hope by finding ways to support these individuals and establish safe spaces where they can thrive.

Through an intimate lens, this film sheds light on the often-neglected struggle of the trans community in the conservative society of Pakistan. The documentary uncovers the harsh reality faced by trans individuals that are cast out by their families and left out in the streets. Providing an engaging and thought-provoking journey, “Third Person” is a must-see for anyone that wishes to gain insights into the struggles of trans people in Pakistan and worldwide.

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David B