Tracks: Planet Prison

May 6, 2023 | Justice, People, Social, Videos

According to recent estimates, more than 10 million individuals are currently incarcerated across the world. This figure is especially alarming when one considers that nearly half of the global prison population is held in just three countries: Russia, China, and the United States. In America alone, the prison population has seen a drastic increase over the past few decades.

Celebrities and artists have taken note of this concerning reality and voiced their support for judicial reform. For instance, Jay-Z, Denzel Curry, and Meek Mill have all teamed up with The Reform Alliance to raise greater public awareness about this matter.

The Reform Alliance has also recently released an eye-opening documentary that exposes the injustices of mass incarceration. Titled Free America: A Documentary by Jay-Z, it features interviews with those who experienced the hardships of being behind bars firsthand. Furthermore, it sheds light on the devastating impact that such a large prison population can have on entire communities of color.

It’s clear that serious reform needs to happen in order to bring about real change in terms of criminal justice in America and beyond. To learn more about mass incarceration and how we can fight for justice together, you should watch Free America: A Documentary by Jay-Z today!

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David B