Tour of the Arctic (2/2) – from Greenland to Alaska

May 8, 2023 | People, Religion, Social, Videos

The Arctic is an awe-inspiring wilderness, with a unique and dwindling way of life. In this documentary, two film crews set out to discover the hidden secrets and stunning landscapes that the region has to offer.
As they explore the vast expanse around the North Pole, they learn firsthand from the Inuit people about the dramatic changes that climate change is bringing. The melting permafrost and greenhouse gas emissions have started to impact the delicate ecosystem that has supported them for thousands of years. With the hunting season changing, indigenous people now face a difficult choice between maintaining their way of life, or embracing a more modern approach. Follow the film crew as they uncover the complex set of issues facing this little-known corner of the world, and raise important questions about our planet’s future.

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David B