The documentary in question, “Why Do Boys Behave This Way?” seeks to address a growing cultural problem: the fact that 90% of violent acts are committed by boys and men. Through examining various media sources including video games, movies, and traditional culture, this documentary delves into the causes behind this statistic.

It is clear that traditional culture plays a role in the socialization of boys and men but what is it about our current society that is encouraging such violence? Is it due to changing norms or lax enforcement of laws? Are there underlying issues that need to be addressed? These are all questions explored in the documentary.

The documentary emphasizes the importance of understanding the root causes behind this statistic. By doing so, we can work towards addressing these issues and create a more equitable world for everyone. It also encourages viewers to become more aware of how gender biases can affect our daily lives – from media consumption to our interactions with others.

We must come together and have an honest conversation about why boys and men behave in such a way if we want to make any progress towards solving this issue. That’s why I encourage you to watch “Why Do Boys Behave This Way?” – it provides an important insight into one of today’s biggest challenges.