Top Secrets about the Human Brain

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Did you know there is a way to suppress fear? Most of us will try to face their fears, but nothing can compare to the way that soldiers suppress their fear. By exposing themselves to constant fear situations, soldiers must find a way to stand against the situation that is freaking them out.

The fear situation is just one of the many secrets of our human brain. Have you ever wondered how our brain works?

For example, did you know that you have the first reaction about any situation in three seconds or less? The primitive brain is responsible for the first reaction and emotion, and it works much faster than the rational mind. And even more interesting, emotions make more lasting imprint than rational mind.

If you have ever read a newspaper, you’ve probably noticed that our brain processes images much faster than text.

What are some other secrets that we do not know about our brain? For example, why does music triggers emotion? Why do we get déjà vu? Find out some of the mysteries surrounding our brain in this fantastic documentary that can make neuropsychiatrists excited. 

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