TOP Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Tesla

Sep 25, 2023 | Business, Technology, Videos

In “Tesla: The Untold Story”, discover the mysteries behind the most valuable carmaker in the world. Was Elon Musk really there in the beginning? This top 5 documentary reveals the facts. Since its launch in 2003, Tesla has transformed from a struggling company to a meteoric success. With lesser market share, production capacity and revenues, how did it achieve this status? What secrets were unlocked?
Watch the documentary to uncover the answers. In “Tesla: The Untold Story” you will discover the pivotal moments, breakthroughs, and visionaries responsible for Tesla’s transformation. You will get an exclusive peek behind the scenes and go beyond the headlines to understand what made Tesla a game-changer, not just in the automotive industry, but in the modern world itself.

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David B