Titanoboa: Monster Snake

Mar 9, 2023 | Nature, Videos

Titanoboa is an extinct genus of very large snakes that lived in what is now La Guajira in northeastern Colombia. They could grow up to 43 feet, perhaps even 45 long and reach a weight of 2500 pounds.
The snake was first described in 2009, five years after it was excavated from rocks exposed at the Cerrejon coal mine in Colombia.
Scientists have recovered the remains of approximately 30 individuals, majority of them adults.
Titanoboa is not a poisonous snake. Boa constrictors like this snake have no venom glands. But they kill their prey by twisting around its body and squeezing. Each time the prey breathes out, the boa constricts, or tightens.
Just for comparison, the largest snake species nowadays is the Giant anaconda. It can grow up to 15 feet in length, which is less than one third of the size of the average Titanoboa. The Giant Anaconda reaches weight of 500 pounds at maximum.

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Riyan H.