Time Trip

Mar 30, 2023 | Science, Videos

Travel time horizon is a thrilling journey deep into the strangeness of cutting-edge physics – a place where beautiful ideas, baffling sometimes confused with the completely insane. On this trip, we found a pizza back in time, a brilliant mathematician in a ski mask and even God. The trip ends with a strange and dark conclusion – one that calls into question our very existence.

Since Einstein showed it was theoretically possible, seeking to travel through time has drawn eccentric amateurs and brilliant scientists in almost equal numbers. Fans are Aage Nost, who demonstrates his time machine in front of the cameras. Professionals are the likes of Professor Frank Tipler of Tulane University. His time machine sounds good – but weigh half the mass of the galaxy.

There are, however, in a way that time travel into the past could be possible. And it would be much more convenient. Future civilizations could use computers to create exact replicas of the past. Unfortunately, that idea has physics tremor in his socks. Because if you can generate a perfect virtual reality version in the past, who can say that we are one of the replicas?

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Riyan H.