Tijuana Cartel

May 17, 2024 | Crime, Drugs, Videos

The Tijuana Cartel is a Mexican drug cartel based in the Mexican city of Tijuana. Described as one of the most violent and ruthless cartels in Mexico, this notorious organization has been responsible for smuggling huge quantities of cocaine into Mexico since the 1980s.

This notorious criminal organization was made famous after being featured in the 2000 motion picture Traffic, where its rivalry with fellow cartel Juarez Cartel was depicted. The story behind this infamous group is captivating and worth exploring.

For those interested in learning more about the history of this drug cartel, a recent documentary provides a glimpse into their operations. The documentary, titled “Tijuana Cartel: A History Of Violence”, provides viewers with an insight into how the cartel operates and what led to its creation and subsequent reign over Mexico’s cocaine trade.

The documentary features interviews with law enforcement officers, members of other cartels and family members closer to the Tijuana Cartel itself. It also looks at how money laundering works and how it allows them to remain hidden from law enforcement efforts. Furthermore, it touches upon the political corruption that allowed this group to remain active for so long without disruption by law enforcement authorities.

For those interested in understanding how history has shaped modern day drug trafficking, this fascinating documentary is a must watch! It helps paint a picture of what life was like under this notorious crime syndicate and provides an up close look at how these criminals operated during their time in power. Watch it today and get an understanding of why this cartel has gone down as one of Mexico’s most infamous drug lords!

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