Through the Wormhole: Can We Live Forever?

Feb 20, 2023 | Science, Videos

Medical advances in a fast pace; sometimes we can look forward for a world where death can never beat life.
But this leaves us with a food for thought like Can we control and fix the errors that build up in our DNA over the years?

Can we find a way to replace the chemistry of life with something more durable?

Death is a reality which everyone have to accept, but think about a time when there is no need for us to fear about death. Sounds curious, right? Cutting-edge science embarks on a bold mission to extend human life and may soon bring immortality within our grasp. Dr, Michio Kaku explains the second law of thermodynamics states that everything falls apart eventually, including the human body.

This episode wonders into the mystifying definition of eternity as it relates to human lifespan.

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Riyan H.