Thoth’s Pill: An Animated History of Writing

Nov 9, 2023 | Art, History, Videos

This magical journey of exploration through the birth and evolution of writing will take viewers back to the early days when our ancestors drew pictures of the animals they encountered in dark, damp caves. Legend has it that once Thoth, an Egyptian deity, invented writing, he shared his breakthrough with King Thamus who was unimpressed and believed that this new system would lead to diminished capacity for students to remember information due to their reliance on external devices rather than their own internal storage.

However, as time progressed and civilizations advanced, writing became more important as it was used to express thoughts more effectively. Ancient cultures such as the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Chinese and Mexicans developed logographic systems which allowed them to represent things that were significant to them using symbols etched into artifacts. For instance, one can still make out drawings such as head, jaguar or house from thousands of years ago on these remnants of the past.

It is believed that Greek scholars developed a system based on sounds associated with each character; assigning letters for every vowel or consonant they could vocalize. This eventually spread across Europe by way of the Romans and eventually touched every corner of the world.

To understand how writing evolved over time and get a glimpse into its majestic history, one must watch this animated film without delay! As it takes us from our ancient roots up until modern day communication tools like paper, computers and phones – we are sure to gain a newfound appreciation for language and its profound impact on humanity throughout ages!

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David B