This man did the unthinkable (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)

Jul 26, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Alexis Sharkey was an Instagram influencer with a seemingly perfect life. She and her husband, Tom Sharkey, would often post pictures of their travels, basking in the sun and sand on beautiful beaches. But all that came to a tragic end when Alexis’ body was found in Houston, Texas.

Now, a new true crime documentary is exploring the case surrounding her death. In ‘The Murder of Alexis Sharkey’, viewers get an inside look into the investigation to uncover the truth about what happened to Alexis. The documentary delves deep into witness accounts, evidence, and interviews with Alexis’ family members to provide an intimate look at this mystery.

The story of Alexis Sharkey’s death is one that needs to be heard and seen. It is important that we continue to discuss these cases in order to raise awareness about women’s safety and violence against women worldwide. Through these documentaries, we can better understand why something like this could have happened so suddenly, as well as how such heinous acts can be prevented in the future.

For those interested in true crime and unsolved mysteries, this docuseries should not be missed! It is currently available on streaming services every Friday and Sunday for two weeks starting today; make sure you don’t miss out on this riveting series! Let us come together and take part in solving this tragedy by watching ‘The Murder of Alexis Sharkey’.

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David B