Thermonuclear Warfare: Operation “Buster Jangle”

Jun 8, 2022 | Military/War, Videos

After World War II ended, many countries were testing nuclear weapons. After all, America effectively ended the war with two nuclear bombs dropped in Japan, one in Hiroshima, and one in Nagasaki.

Americans also continued their nuclear warfare development program. In the early 1950s, or in 1951 more precisely, they tested seven nuclear weapons at the Nevada Test Site. The operation is now known as Buster Jangle, with six atmospheric and one cratering weapons used.

The operation was the first one between DOD and Los Alamos National Laboratories. Americans also involved 6,500 troops in the operation, calling the operations Desert Rock I, II, and III.

The purpose of the operation was to test and evaluate the cratering effects of nuclear devices. The documentary takes a look at the aftermath of those tests.

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Riyan H.