The Zerega Project

Even if you have lived your entire life in Bronx, you probably haven’t seen it everything. Photographer Patricio Robayo manages to capture a piece of the Bronx that you probably haven’t seen before.

A Bronx born photographer, Patricio takes you on an epic urban journey through the desolate landscape of his neighborhood. The short movie is shot from 2012 to 2014, and the documentary shows a snippet of the vision of the photographer. You can also see how he documented the process of discovering the beauty in decay and the transformation of an industrial area in Bronx.

Before shooting in Bronx, Patricio worked mostly with people and portraits. But he decided it is time for a change, and he didn’t want to work with people any more.

Take the journey with Patricio, as he guides you through Bronx, and what he wanted to capture and why he wanted to capture that part.

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